About Us

Simply put, we are a registered society of volunteers who love the arts, and want to encourage them in our community. Although some of us are not artists, we have an appreciation for those who are. Writing, music, painting, weaving, ceramics, performance, quilting, and any other art form — it all makes our lives more interesting. Our mandate is to broaden the opportunities for residents of the Slocan Valley to participate in any kind of arts activities.

The Slocan Valley Arts Council was formed in the 1970’s when the province began the movement. Since that time, there have been many dedicated volunteers who have contributed to organizing events and distributing grants.

Programs and events have included:

  • Trash Art Challenge
  • Art Exhibits
  • Artists Workshops
  • Writers in Schools
  • Entertainment

Another important function of the arts council is to distribute grants and scholarships in three categories: to member groups, in response to community activities, and to fund projects that the group initiates and carries out.

Additionally, the Arts Council makes recommendations to the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance for the yearly allocation of monies they make available. Once the final decision is made, the Slocan Valley Community Arts Council distributes the funds. If you are an artist and interested in applying for some funding, check out the grants page!