Grants & Scholarships

The adjudicating committee would like to state how impressed they were by the number and quality of the applications this year.  The applications covered the whole geography of the Slocan Valley Arts Council – South Slocan to Slocan City and represented by all age groups.  The variety of disciplines was also notable and included; dance, theatre, fibre arts, fine art, ice sculpture, writing, publishing and readings, festivals, music, band, concerts and music recording, art instruction, film, and ceramics.  The Slocan Valley will be richer for all the great projects that will be happening over the next year.

One of the primary purposes of the arts council is to channel monies to artists in our community who want to share their passion with their neighbours and friends. Our volunteer board does it’s best to distribute these monies as equitably as possible. Our goal is to make our valley a vibrant artistic community.