Robyn Gold

Art from the Soul – My heart – My Imagination . .  that is where my work originates.

I revel in the freedom of allowing my canvas to “speak” to me! Letting myself go loose, putting colour and paint to canvas, with sheer abandon and enjoyment. I paint mainly with Acrylics, as I have a passion for vivid, crisp, clear colour, reflected light and deep dark shadows. Nothing  is more satisfying to me than to see the beauty of nature unfolding before me on  my canvas; created by my very own paintbrush. I am inspired by the lush forests   and steep mountains of the Kootenays, where I live.  The mountains and forests just seem to “spring” up onto my canvas, without even asking for permission; they rise from my soul, like stars in the night sky, resting graciously on the canvas.  Through my art, I am hoping to inspire others to see the wondrous beauty of nature. I want to encourage everyone to take care of our wondrous Earth,   nurture her, care for her, preserving the bounty of nature that surrounds us now.  So please, care for yourself, others and our world, with kindness, love and gentle hands.    Thank-you

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Poppy by Robyn Gold
Poppy by Robyn Gold
Amanda Shaw - New Orleans Fiddle Queen by Robyn Gold
Amanda Shaw – New Orleans Fiddle Queen by Robyn Gold