Grant Applications

Thank you for sending in your grant applications before the November 30 deadline!  The adjudicating committee is considering them now and you will be notified by mail no later than February 1.

The adjudicating committee would like to state how impressed they were by the number and quality of the applications this year.  The applications covered the whole geography of the Slocan Valley Arts Council – South Slocan to Slocan City and represented by all age groups.  The variety of disciplines was also notable and included; dance, theatre, fibre arts, fine art, ice sculpture, writing, publishing and readings, festivals, music, band, concerts and music recording, art instruction, film, and ceramics.  The Slocan Valley will be richer for all the great projects that will be happening over the next year.

The Slocan Valley Community Arts Council (SVCAC) is a group of volunteers who distribute grants and scholarships in three categories: to member groups, in response to community activities, and to fund projects that the group initiates and carries out.

Additionally, the Arts Council makes recommendations to the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance (CKCA) for the yearly allocation of monies they make available. Once the final decision is made, the SV Community Arts Council distributes the funds.

Our mandate is to broaden the opportunities for residents of the Slocan Valley to participate in any kind of arts activities. Thanks go to the BC Arts Council who provides the funds.

Membership is open to individuals and groups who are interested and/or involved in the arts. We meet once a month in varying locations in the valley. Please consider joining.

Examples of funded programs and projects are:

Our projects: