Slocan Valley Community Arts Council
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of September 14, 2020 7pm
Held remotely via Zoom
Present: Board members – Peter Vogelaar, Eden DuPont, Natasha Smith, Lisa Heisler, Fletcher Fitzgibbons Other members – Seathra Bell, Isabell DePauw, Danielle Simm, Julia Prudhomme, Lois Lawrence, Katie Tabor
Motions & Chat Manager : Lisa Heisler

  1. Welcome Introductions and explanation of online AGM procedure: Natasha called the meeting to order 7:05pm. Quorum met.

2. Adoption of the agenda: Lisa moved and Eden seconded adoption of the agenda Carried.

3. Approval of Minutes of the 2019 AGM: Eden moved and Fletcher seconded that the minutes of the May 31, 2019 AGM be accepted. Carried.

4. President’s report: Natasha reported regarding administration, BCAC funding, finances, programs & events, governance, committees.

5. Communication’s report: Eden reported on SVCAC’s visual identity, website, social media, newsletters, networking and advertising.

6.Grant report: Lisa reported on the completed restructuring of the Member Grants and Organizational Funding.

7. Treasurer’s report: Fletcher presented the 2019-20 year-end financial statements.

8. Approval of all reports as presented: Fletcher moved and Peter seconded. Carried

9. Election of board members: Call for nominations: Eden nominated Danielle Simm, Lisa nominated Isabelle DePauw and Natasha nominated Seathra Bell. Danielle, Isablle and Seathra accepted their nominations to be on the SVCAC Board. Julia moved to accept all three nominations, Fletcher seconded. Carried.

10. Thanks to previous SVCAC board members Lance Hall and Lynne Alexander and long-term outgoing board member Peter Vogelaar for his years of service to the organization.

11. Adjournment 8:04 pm


Presentations: Fletcher reading, Seathra video/podcast, Peter feature presentation, Natasha short film.



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