Oxygen Art Centre launches ten new courses scheduled for 2021 with a rich plethora of experiences waiting to be had! Dive into poetry, dabble in painting, cut and paste (old style) with collage, be consumed by colour theory, channel your inner fashion designer, or discover the diversity of sound-based inquiry.

Oxygen feels incredibly fortunate to have such a skilled and creative faculty,” says Education Coordinator Natasha Smith. “Our Instructors have once again proposed a rich, unique collection of courses for 2021. They teach what they love, drawing on their unique experiences and research, I think that’s what makes Oxygen courses so special,” says Smith.

In February discover painting over a series of four sessions in Beginners Brush 1 and develop an eye for the sometimes subtle and always dynamic nature of colour in an Introduction to Colour Theory, both instructed by the talented Deborah Thompson before she heads to Alert Bay for an artist residency in March.

Natasha Smith is offering online collage and painting courses in 2021 including, Mapping Memory: Collaging a Personal History, where students will cut, paste and map personal memories and share personal experiences, histories, and stories visually, and Abstract Collage Painting, which explores how to use physical textures and build complex, intricate abstract designs on wooden panels.

Starting later in February learn the elements of fashion design and wearable art with designer, curator, and entrepreneur, Seathra Bell in Designing for Fashion and Wearable Art held over three classes online. In Sonic Imaginaries 2: Voice, Performance and Creative Composition interdisciplinary artist, prOphecy sun will uncover the diverse ways sound is implemented as a creative expression in contemporary art practices, installations, soundwalks, public art, theatre, live performance and musical production.

April is Poetry Month and Oxygen is celebrating! Instructor Rayya Liebich will help demystify reading and writing poetry. “Delight in language play, have fun creating poems collaboratively, and most importantly discover that poetry is a gift for everyone,” says Rayya, who is offering three different writing classes online, which include: Be Not Afeard: A Poetry Workshop for Beginners; Tapping the Poetic Unconscious; and, April Poetry Challenge: 30 Days, 30 Poems!  In addition to Leibich’s classes, Reading and Writing Rilke with Susan Andrews Grace will employ a close reading of Rainer Marie Rilke’s poetry as inception for the participants’ own composition. The exploration of sound, rhythm, image, and mystery/soul in Rilke will take place over four online classes.

During these difficult COVID times we are all missing spending time with our friends and family, so take an online course together! Oxygen is now offering a 10% discount for bringing a friend to any of our art classes. Or, if you prefer, you could give the gift of creativity with the new Oxygen Education Gift Certificates, available for purchase online.

For more information and to register: www.oxygenartcentre.org,  education@oxygenartcentre.org.

Image Credit: Oxygen Art Centre Education Banner; Rayya Leibich poetry month (L), Seathra Bell wearable art (M), Deborah Thompson drawing class at Oxygen (R)



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