We are amongst the many small non-profit organizations that have been impacted by COVID-19, and have spent the last few months monitoring and wondering how to move forward through these dynamic and unprecedented times.

The pandemic has had a sudden and substantial impact on the arts and culture sector. While the health and safety of our community is an utmost concern, we also know that social distancing comes at a great price for both artists and audiences. With audiences isolating at home, venues shuttered, events cancelled, we are seeing how resilient artists can be:

  • Artists around the world are adapting to shutdowns by swapping physical performance spaces for virtual ones.
  • Artists are finding creative ways to keep people connected during a pandemic that keeps us apart.

We are reaching out to our local creative community to see how artists and groups have dealt with the pandemic in their studios and creative practises. We will share stories of hope, creativity and the art and craft of coping with social distancing over the next several weeks. Tune into our website and social media feeds and follow along on Facebook & Instagram

If you would like to share your story, send us an email @ svcarts@gmail.com 

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