Try for a minute to imagine the Slocan Valley without its rich artisan culture. What would our colourful, eclectic valley community be without house concerts, murals, ice sculptures, not to mention studio tours, literary readings, theatre productions. A horrible thought!!!!

Over the last year, the SVCAC (Slocan Valley Community Arts Council) has undergone some significant changes. A new website and brand identity, a welcoming of new board of directors and the undertaking of the first Whole Arts & Culture Faire. These are just a few examples of the changes and energy that has been behind a revised manifestation of the Slocan Valley Community Arts Council

The SVCAC was then devastated to learn recently that our operating funding grant from the BCAC (British Columbia Arts Council) was declined this year, despite our enormous efforts to increase and broaden arts and cultural opportunities for our community through new programming initiatives. This decision puts our small but mighty non-profit society in a difficult place in terms of planning.

We are adamantly committed to appealing this decision and have begun the formal process with BCAC, however in the meantime we also want to appeal for the support from our members and the countless art appreciators that live in our valley.

Please join us April 1st, 2020 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm at The Vallican Heritage Hall, 4192 Slocan River Road, for an important Member Connect Event. All are welcome! Whether you are a current SVCAC member, need to renew your membership or are simply interested in supporting our campaign to keep the arts alive in this valley. We promise an artful evening that will include culinary treats, beer & wine refreshments, Pecha Kucha presentations, and door prizes. Don’t know what Pecha Kucha is? Don’t worry – look it up, or don’t and just come and be entertained.

The SVCAC has been committed to broadening opportunities for the residents of the Slocan Valley to enjoy and participate in arts and cultural events for the last 30 years. We do this through our member grant program, the coordination of a variety of events and projects as well as through our advisory role that makes recommendations to the CKCA grant program.

And what about the member grants?! Don’t worry, we are also still committed to our annual member grant cycle, thanks to the generous financial support of RDCK Area H. The 2020 member grant applications are now available online. Deadline to apply is March 31, 2020. Please note our granting process has changed recently, ensure to consult the Project Guidelines carefully.

Join us, April 1st and celebrate having just completed your grant application, or to inquire what it takes to write one!

For more information, contact us

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